Wednesdays 18.30 - 19.30

Zumba is a fun dance-fitness class which incorporates Latin and world styles of dance, to create a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness workout for all.



 The cardio-based dance movements are set to high-energy music, are easy to follow and along with the party-like atmosphere created, helps to sculpt and tone your entire body without you even realising you are working out.


A fun and energetic class suitable for dancers and non-dancers, men and women, old and young alike, Zumba has a non-intimidating atmosphere which will leave you longing for more.






What does Zumba bring to the party?:
• Improved co-ordination
• Improved toning to the whole body
• A high calorie burn, over 500kcals per class
• Increased energy levels
• Greater self-confidence

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